Wakefield Apple Fair, April 5, 2020  


  • 3 September at 15:55 from facebook

    Tasman's Great Taste Trail

  • 28 August at 18:05 from facebook

    Willow Bank Heritage Village, Wakefield

  • 25 August at 10:00 from facebook

    Halloween at Willow Bank Heritage Village

  • 16 August at 08:41 from facebook

    Willow Bank Heritage Village, Wakefield

  • 20 July at 13:48 from facebook

    Yum. Apple cake for afternoon tea

  • 17 June at 16:27 from facebook

    Hospice Shops - Nelson Tasman

  • 17 June at 16:22 from facebook

    Fire and Emergency NZ

  • 19 May at 06:31 from facebook

    Congratulations to our local firefighters who completed the Skytower climb

  • 7 May at 17:48 from facebook

    The Apple Fair is keen on composting and here is how to get a coupon from the NCC or TDC towards a compost bin https://www.facebook.com/167649839918105/posts/2811598395523223/

  • 4 May at 18:29 from facebook

    If you missed out, some Apple Fair jam is for sale tomorrow at Willow Bank


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